our production


In the knitwear and garments-knitwear department, we make with high professionalism, products of the highest quality and complexity for men, women and children, being able to make all categories of clothing, footwear and accessories.

The department of programming and production of knitted articles, has the newest  knitting machines, Stoll CMS 530 HP multi-gauge, Stoll CMS 530 HP pure gauge, Stoll CMS 822 HP KNIT & WEAR and Stoll CMS 530 HP W to make knitted garments the highest quality, ready to wear (simless), double-sided items (reversible / double face), intarsia, jacquard, herringbone, ajour, and any kind of fully-fashioned or tailored knitted structure, shoes, sports goods, medical, for home (blankets,  chaircases,  pillowcases, etc.), the automotive industry and any kind of knitted structures.

We have an important fleet of knitting machines, gauge  1.5.2 / 2.5.2 / 3/5/7 / 7.2 / 10/12/14/18, fully equipped, having the possibility to work a wide range of structures and complexities.

The total production capacity is about 200,000 pieces / year, fully-fashion.

The knitting program is performed on M1 + programming stations by highly experienced engineers-programmers.

By the end of 2020, Mobiente will increase and diversify its production capacity with new Stoll knitting machines, ADF 530 KI, ADF 830 KI, ADF 330 KI W TT SPORT, of different gauges.