Every thread a real good deed.

The demand for medical fabrics has greatly increased over the past few years. As a result, there has also been a huge increase in the range of functionality. The ability to use elastic threads in a variety of options (supported by weft, tuck and arp thread technology), is a perfect base for applications in compression, orthopedics and wound care.

Another benefit provided by STOLL flat knitting technology is knitted products with individual fit as seamless garment or planar structure.
Here, the manufacturing of exactly measured individual pieces corresponds to the expanding requirements of individual customer care.


Comfortable compression garments can be individualized by STOLL knitting technology. High requirements according to the control of compression values can be met. The creation of seamless garments and the exact measurement of individual pieces corresponds to the expanding requirements of individual customer care. Compression wear, compression hosiery and prothetic garments are examples for seamles knitwear for lymph diseases, venous weakneses or hypertrophic wounds.