Constantly concerned with the diversification of production, inventions and innovations, the Mobiente team is constantly documenting and assimilating the latest news in our field of activity.

We make special products of a very high complexity, always looking to obtain maximum quality and we want to contribute with our experience to the technological progress of the machines and equipment of the next generation.


CLOTHING Functional aspects as breathibility, stretch, seamless feeling have to be combined with trend setting designs. The variety of STOLL flat knitting opportunities can be applied to various types of sports and ist functional and aestethic requirements. Trained for performance An important factor of the sportswear and leisurewear industry is the optimal combination of functionality […]


Transportation cover fabrics Transportation media are under high pressure to be adapted to the demands of modern times. Ecology, recycling options, new energy drives, integrated functionality and electronic, network based communication and regulating systems determine future requirements. Never before 3D shaped, integral knit solutions fit better in a car or any transportation media than today! […]


Where life is lived, durability is needed. Upholstery fabrics can be produced for various areas, such as contract, household or transportation. These technical fabrics have to fit perfectly and be easy to process. Special demands are required for these types of garments, such as wear resistance, light and color fastness and low flammability. Thus textiles […]


Every thread a real good deed. The demand for medical fabrics has greatly increased over the past few years. As a result, there has also been a huge increase in the range of functionality. The ability to use elastic threads in a variety of options (supported by weft, tuck and arp thread technology), is a perfect base for […]


Face mask of respiratory protection of premium quality Made from 100% cotton fabric imported from Italy, 156 g / m2, certified by OEKO TEX, HIDRO and OLIOREPELENT Due to the hydro and oil-repellent characteristics of the material, it limits the transmission of bacterial agents in air suspensions. The 3 folds, the elastic and the adjusting […]


The optimal combination of functionality and product aesthetic guides the sportswear and leisure trends nowadays, which is excellently implemented by STOLL modern flat knitting technology. Breathability, comfortable shaping, skin friendly knitting structures and materials have to ensure high performance and comfort. Knit material is, as its name indicate, a material made from yarns that is […]