raw material


YARN COVERED WITH COPPER is a new generation of yarn developed after years of research. It is obtained by the union of natural or artificial fibers with a special filament of extra thin copper, polish or plain.
This raw material is known for its electrical conductivity, heat regulation and antimicrobial effects properties.Thanks to fibers’ long durability even after numerous washes, copper is used in several fields.


Copper has five basic properties:

Antistatic Property (no polish copper): it disperses electric charges accumulated from the external environment;
Metabolic Property: if absorbed by the skin copper supports human body growth and its wellness;

Antioxidant Property: it allows to fight free radicals that cause skin’s aging;
Transpirent Property: it speeds up the moisture transfer process;
Heat Regulating Property: keeps the temperature constant.


Due to its electric conductivity, its heat regulating property and antibacterial effects, this yarn is used in multiple ways that can give benefits to human body.
These features make Copper appropriate for the realization of technical textiles that need particular per-formances.
Copper yarn is used for:

– military clothing;
– industrial textiles;
– bed sheets;
– heating textiles;
– sportswear;
– mattresses;
– curtains;
– socks.