about us

MOBIENTE has always been acknowledged for its pursue of excellence and for the high
quality of its knitwear, standards that are achievable thanks to the use of forefront
technologies and the selection of the best raw materials.

Our product quality is granted by a highly verticalized business structure that allows the company to monitor every step of the production process. This is a necessary condition for maintaining high quality standards.

The supervision of the finished products is allowed by a careful selection of the raw materials that are purchased. An internal procedure that defines the purchasing process, including the supply chain management, is implemented in order to ensure a careful and effective control.

Research and innovation are the basis of the path that every company undertakes in the field of sustainability. Thanks to this technological progress, it is possibile to develop production processes and reduce consumption while maintaining high standards for the clients.

The company philosophy is to favor only technologically advanced suppliers for the supply of production tools and chemical products. The Company operates with suppliers of national and international importance and who are able to guarantee the compliance with all safety and environmental regulations.

The Company chose to invest in the sustainability of its supply chain, not only with regard to raw material, but also with reference to auxiliary products, which must be considered especially due to their environmental impact, even if they are less valued than raw materials.

Sustainable fabrics explained: What are they?

We can propose all kinds of fabrics from our suppliers that are more sustainably sourced and we highlight these so you can make considered choices.

To qualify as a ‘sustainable fabric’ a garment must be made from at least 50% sustainable fibres ‐ but often, the clothes that we produce contain a lot more! Recycled and repurposed fibres are the only exception to this rule, so we can make sure the overall quality of the fabric meets our standards. We’re working on innovative ways to bring a higher and higher proportion of recycled fibres into the gartments that we make, and this is improving all the time.